Planning a Styled Shoot

What is a styled shoot?

Styled shoots can be used for a variety of purposes, including building a photographer or stylist's portfolio, creating content for a brand's marketing campaigns, or showcasing new products or services. The shoot's theme may be inspired by a particular season, color palette, or trend, and the styling may include props, backdrops, and other decorative elements to create a specific ambiance or mood.

A styled shoot typically involves a team of creative professionals, including photographers, stylists, makeup artists, and models, who work together to create a cohesive visual concept.

Styled shoots can be used for a variety of purposes, such as promoting a new product or service, showcasing a particular venue or location, or providing inspiration for brides and grooms looking for wedding ideas.

During a styled shoot, the team will carefully select and coordinate all the elements involved in the shoot, including the location, decor, props, wardrobe, hair and makeup, and lighting. The end result is a collection of visually stunning images or videos that can be used for marketing, inspiration, or creative expression.

Why attend a styled shoot?

Attending a styled shoot can be beneficial for several reasons:

Networking: Styled shoots are a great opportunity to meet other professionals in the industry, such as photographers, event planners, florists, and makeup artists. Building relationships with these individuals can lead to future collaborations and referrals.

Inspiration: Styled shoots are often designed to be visually stunning and can provide inspiration for future projects. As an attendee, you may be able to take note of new trends or creative ideas that you can incorporate into your own work.

Portfolio building: Attending a styled shoot allows you to capture high-quality images that you can use to enhance your portfolio or website. These images can showcase your skills and help you attract new clients.

Education: Depending on the structure of the styled shoot, you may have the opportunity to learn from experienced professionals in the industry. You can observe their techniques and gain valuable insights into their creative processes.

Creative challenge: Styled shoots often have a specific theme or vision, which can challenge you to think outside the box and push your creative boundaries. This can help you grow as a professional and expand your skill set.

Planning a styled shoot

Planning a styled shoot involves several important steps to ensure that your vision comes to life.

1.     Determine the theme and style: Timeless, bohemian, vintage, rustic, fun? This will help guide all the creative decisions you make for the shoot. This will guide your choices for the location, decor, and wardrobe.

2.     Choose the team: You will need a team of professionals to bring your vision to life. This includes a photographer, model(s), hair and makeup artist, wardrobe stylist, florist, and any other vendors necessary for the shoot.

3.    Set a budget: Once you have an idea of the team you need, you should set a budget for the shoot. This will help you determine how much you can spend on each aspect of the shoot and ensure that you don't overspend.

 4.    Scout for locations: Find locations that fit the theme and style of your shoot. You can consider indoor and outdoor locations, and make sure you have permission to use the location.

5.    Encourage photographers to create a shot list: A shot list is a list of all the images to be captured during the shoot. This will help them stay organized and keep track of new shots they’ve been itching to try!

6.    Create a timeline: A timeline will help you stay organized and ensure that you stay on schedule during the shoot. This includes the start and end times, as well as the time allotted for each aspect of the shoot.

7.    Coordinate with vendors: Make sure that all the vendors involved in the shoot are on the same page regarding the theme, style, and timeline. This will help ensure that everything runs smoothly on the day of the shoot.

8.    Prepare for the shoot day: On the day of the shoot, make sure that everything is set up and ready to go before the team arrives. This includes the location, decor, and wardrobe.

9.    Execute the shoot: During the shoot, make sure that everything runs smoothly. Creating a Google Doc or template does wonders.


+ Pro tip: Create a Google Doc prior to the event that contains all the details for the shoot; including, but not limited to vendor contacts, social media handles, venue information, tentative timeline and attendees.

Planning a styled shoot takes time and effort. Remember, the most important aspect of a styled shoot is creativity and collaboration. Have fun with it and work closely with your team to bring your vision to life.

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